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Hotels recommended

- Amelia ★★★ 35 $
- Old City ★★★ 30 $
- Minzifa Inn ★★ 55 $
- Lyabi House ★★★ 55 $
- Sasha and Son B&B 55 $
- K.Komil B&B 55 $
- Salom Inn B&B 40 $
- Farkhad&Maya B&B 35 $
- Mekhtar Ambar B&B 25 $
- Amulet B&B 35 $
- Nodirbek ★★ 30 $
- Olmos B&B 35 $
- Malikjon B&B 25 $
- Nazira&Azizbek B&B 30 $
- Otkirbek GUEST HOUSE 25 $
- Nasriddin Navruz B&B 25 $
- Suhrob Barzu B&B 35 $
- Sasha and Son plus B&B 30 $
- Hovli Poyon ★★★
- International ★★★★★ 200 $
- Grand Mir Hotel ★★★★★ 130 $
- City Palace ★★★★ 90 $
- Uzbekistan ★★★★ 55 $
- Dedeman ★★★★ 140 $
- Grand Bek ★★★★ 80 $
- Le Grande Plaza ★★★★ 62 $
- Radisson SAS ★★★★★ 200 $
- Ramada ★★★★ 90 $
- Shodlik Palace ★★★★ 42 $
- Oazis Asaka ★★★ 45 $
- Grand Tashkent ★★★ 23 $
- Grand Orzu ★★★ 40 $
- Malika ★★★ 40 $
- Rovshan ★★★ 40 $
- Orzu ★★ 45 $
- Jahongir Tashkent ★★ 35 $
- LOTTE City ★★★★ 150 $
- Miran International ★★★★★ 130 $
- Grand Atlas ★★★★ 60 $
- Topchan Hostel B&B 15 $
- Sofiya ★★★ 50 $
- Samir ★★★ 45 $
- Malika Prime ★★★ 55 $
- Malika Classic ★★★ 55 $
- Samarkand Plaza ★★★★ 80 $
- Shaxzoda Lux ★★★ 40 $
- Konstantin ★★★ 60 $
- Orient Star ★★★ 51 $
- Royal Palace ★★★ 50 $
- Samarkand Dream ★★★ 45 $
- Furkat ★★ 30 $
- caravan Seraile Chorrakha ★★★ 43 $
- Zarina ★★ 40 $
- Latif ★★ 40 $
- Antica ★★ 50 $
- Emir ★★ 25 $
- Jahongir Samarkand ★★ 27 $
- Kamila ★★ 30 $
- Jahon Palace ★★★★ 55 $
- Grand Samarkand ★★★★ 40 $
- Ideal ★★ 40 $
- Bibikhanum ★★ 50 $
- Astor ★★★ 50 $
- Zilol-Baxt Hotel ★★★ 50 $
- Orient Star Khiva ★★★ 55 $
- Arkonchi ★★ 40 $
- Malika Khorezm ★★★ 45 $
- Malika Heivak ★★★ 50 $
- Malika Khiva ★★ 50 $
- Islambek B&B 30 $
- Nebesa Country 59 $
- Cottages in Chimgan Country 65 $
- Resort Chorvoq Oromgohi Country 68 $
- Asia Chimgan Country 40 $
- Layner Country 50 $

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Amelia (★★★)
Located in the heart of Bukhara and within an inch of Lyabi Hauz complex, family run hotel “Amelia” provides its guests comfortable accommodation in national style. Fully air conditioned and constructed in national style hotel “Amelia” was Jewish merchant’s house which was build in 19th century and located near a synagogue (Jewish temple). All rooms are in traditional Bukharian style with national trimming. Amelia
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Old City (★★★)
The Hotel Old City is designed with modern equipments while retaining the style and atmosphere of the ancient Uzbek culture. Hotel Old City gives you the advantages of being in walking distance to many historical attractions such as Lyabi Khauz, ancient Trade domes, Minaret Kalyan, Magoki-Attori Mosque, and etc. The Hotel has a summer aivan with asian design for breakfasts, dinners and simple rests. Old City
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Minzifa Inn (★★)
Minzifa Inn Boutique hotel is one of the best private hotels in Bukhara that offers you great service and accommodation. The hotel is located in a quite area within 3 minutes walk from Lyabi House Complex. The hotel disposes of 12 rooms. All rooms are decorated in traditional style and has hand made furniture. Minzifa Inn
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Lyabi House (★★★)
Find genuine hospitality, competence and convenience nearby Lyabi Khauz complex, amidst a delightful environment of the old and charming part of Bukhara. The first floor large 19th century hall with colorful traditional ornamental designs and Hebrew inscriptions is ideal place for relaxing and tea drinking. There is also a large summer aivan (a portico) with traditional low tables for a pleasant outdoor rest. Lyabi House
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Sasha and Son (B&B)
The 16th century building of "Sasha & Son" Hotel formerly was Jewish merchant's house, and is located near "Synagogue" (Jewish house of prayer) (read the story). During building's renewal the hand work of well-known workers and painters from Uzbekistan have been used. All rooms are made in traditional Bukharian style with carpets and other trimming. The house also has a traditional courtyard with carved wood columns and small garden. Sasha and Son
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K.Komil (B&B)
"K.KOMIL", established in 2000, is a private Bed and Breakfast, located in the heart of the old city of Bukhara, two minutes walking distance from the famous "Lyabi Hauz" (XVI-XVIIc) ensemble. The house of "K.KOMIL" was built more than 100 years ago. Today the interior of each room remains as it did in 19th century Bukhara with intricately carved and hand painted walls and shelving. The house was originally owned by one of the wealthiest men in Bukhara during the 19th century and was purchased approximately 50 years ago by Komil's grandfather. Guests of "K.KOMIL" have been treated to an experience that will take them back to traditional, exotic, and ancient times. The family-run, owned and managed Bed and Breakfast offers a combination of traditional Bukharan style and atmosphere, with modern conveniences and personal attentive care. K.Komil
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Salom Inn (B&B)
Built in the style of a traditional Bukhara house, “Salom Inn” offers guests comfortable accommodations and high level of services at a moderate price. The location of the Inn is old Jewish quarter. It’s a fascinating medieval architectural area. From here, travelers can easily explore the monuments, museums, and historical sites in the heart of old Bukhara on foot. Salom Inn
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Farkhad&Maya (B&B)
The building of "Farkhad & Maya" hotel was built in 1875 by Sadullo-Khodja, who was a wealthy Bukhara merchant. During the Russian revolution in 1920 he was killed and the new state government confiscated his properties. His descendants were only allowed to keep one of the seventeen houses, the one in which this hotel now reside. It used to be the women's quarter of a traditional Uzbek home. Farkhad&Maya
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Mekhtar Ambar (B&B)
The hotel is situated between Chor Minor and Lyabi-Khauz complex ashore Shahrud Canal. Mekhtar Ambar building is former 19-th century caravanserai, which gave the name to the street where it is situated. Recently the old building was adapted to become a modern hotel. In spite of rebuilding, the climate of historical abode is kept. All the rooms are decorated with local ornaments and handmade antique - susanes and carpets. Mekhtar Ambar
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Amulet (B&B)
Hotel Amulet located in the old city of Bukhara, just next to the ancient Lyabi Khauz ensemble (16-17 cc.). It was built in the early 19 th century by a famous merchant, Said Kamol as a madrasah where students lived and studied everything from philosophy to religion. Today it remains a national monument that has been reconstructed to allow others the chance to experience the traditional life of years ago. Amulet
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Nodirbek (★★)
Though "Nodirbek" is very new, many already mentioned this Hotel positively. The hotel is not far from a lot of Bukhara main points of interest: Lyabi Khauz pond, Nadir Divan-Begl Madrasah, Nadir Divan-Begi Khanaka, Kukeldash Madrasah, Taq-i Sarrafon Trading Dome and so on. Nodirbek
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Olmos (B&B)
The hotel "Olmos" is two-storied building made in Bukhara style. It is located near to Djuiboriy Kalon Madrasah, Voliday Abdullazizkhan Madrassah and Khalifa Khudoydod Complex. Olmos
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Malikjon (B&B)
A small private hotel which have 10 rooms and located in the center of old Bukhara. Nearby is the old Sinagogue and Jewish school. The hotel itself is located in a big old house of two storeys, where guests can enjoy the ambience of old bukharian dwelling. There are air conditioning, working desk, satellite TV in each room of hotel. Malikjon
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Nazira&Azizbek (B&B)
Hotel "Nazira & Azizbek" is situated at the center of location of most famous Bukhara tourist attractions. It offers accommodation and a wide range of hospitality and guests services at reasonable prices. The old city, former silk road carriageway of 14th century, Jewish synagogue, silk road shopping malls, art museum of culture, bank, fruit market, and grocery stores tea houses, restaurants, and coffee shops are all in walking distance. Nazira&Azizbek
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Otkirbek (GUEST HOUSE)
The hotel is located near Labi-Hauz Square. The hotel has 10 bright, clean and comfortable rooms, a restaurant and a 24 - hour room service will be at your disposal. This hotel is a good place in the city of Bukhara, to rest and sleep in peace after a long walk through the historic Bukhara. Why pay more when you spend the night just a night or two, and the next day already will have to go to another city in the history of Khiva or Samarkand. Otkirbek
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Nasriddin Navruz (B&B)
Hotel B&B is located in historical Jewish residential area of Bukhara. Hotel has a traditional Bukhara courtyard, which is one of the necessities of life when you live in a heat. The cup of tea with friends on this courtyard after the summer day is truly unforgettable. The hotel offers the meals of Uzbek, Tajik, Russian or vegetarian cuisines. Nasriddin Navruz
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Suhrob Barzu (B&B)
The private hotel "Suhrob Barzu" is located in the core of the Bukhara old town alongside with Lyabi Hauz architectural ensemble. 11 rooms: 2 single rooms / 7 double rooms with two single beds / 2 double rooms with one bed / air conditioning / bath or shower / TV. Restaurant. Conference hall. Courtyard. Internet, telephone and fax at the Reception. Laundry. Suhrob Barzu
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Sasha and Son plus (B&B)
All rooms are made in traditional Bukharian style with carpets and other trimming. The house also has a traditional courtyard with carved wood columns and small garden. Sasha and Son plus hotel. 5 double rooms with two single beds / air conditioning / bath or shower / satellite TV / mini bar / hairdryer. Restaurant. Conference hall. Courtyard. Sauna. Telephone and fax at the Reception. Laundry. Sasha and Son plus
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Hovli Poyon (★★★)
In the middle of the 19th century a young bek (nobleman) whose name was Urganchi built a big house, so they thought, for his family. After completing the building a celebration was held. The Bukhara Emir, who also attended the unveiling, had expressed his admiration for the creative architecture and the complexity of the ganch decoration and woodwork. In response Urganchi did not hesitate swiftly to tell that he from the very outset had a plan to bestow the house to the Emir. Hovli Poyon
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